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Our Technology

On-Site Laboratory (IDEXX)

Our on-site laboratory uses IDEXX diagnostic technology, a leader in diagnostics testing and solutions for animal health. We can perform many life-saving blood tests in-house and get immediate results for an accurate, efficient, faster diagnosis.

Digital Radiology

Our radiology department uses cutting-edge digital imagery that allows us to perform x-rays with less exposure to radiation and less restraint and stress on the patient. You will get immediate results that our experts can read and use to diagnose in our facility with no need to wait. It is safer, faster, less stressful for the patient, and more accurate than traditional radiology practices.

Networked with the Best in Animal Care

In rare cases where a patient is in a severe, life-threatening situation that requires very sophisticated tools and technology, we are networked with some of the most skilled and equipped facilities in the nation including the University of Tennessee and Mississippi State University.  In some cases where the patient arrives at The Animal Doctor, we can provide a quick examination, digital x-ray, and blood work with quick lab results that allow us to provide the incredibly talented animal physicians at the nearest animal hospital insight on the situation, making your arrival a seamless transition as they are prepared and already have vital information in hand.

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