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About us


The dedicated team at The Animal Doctor provides complete veterinary care by combining cutting-edge technology, thorough examinations, and accurate diagnosing.

Our Culture

We love your pets as much as you do, and we want to treat them as our own. When experiencing any challenge with your pet, it can be as taxing on you as it is your pet or animal without understanding the exact cause of pain they are experiencing. While our experience certainly helps us diagnose these patients, we do not rely on gut instinct. Instead, we turn to the most accurate diagnosis available with blood testing and thorough medical examinations. Meanwhile, you can expect that a staff member remains with the patient through our diagnosing to provide the highest comfort and reassurance that their needs are being met. The emotions of animals are quite different than ours, and since their communication is limited, we are as interested in their mental health as we are their physical.

Our Care

As much as sophisticated technology and industry-leading techniques are part of our core, going the extra mile in providing thorough attention to our small and large patients is very much part of who we are. During any procedures in which your pet is put under anesthesia, we provide a heating pad for their comfort. After procedures, instead of your pet being put in a cage or left alone in a room, we place them in the busiest part of our facility so we are in constant sight and can keep a consistent check on their health while they are in recovery. It’s important to us that when the patient awakes, they are greeted with comfort and love to reassure them that they are on the road to recovery.

Our Facilities

The fastest road to recovery for our friends has a lot to do with our full-service treatment facilities. While there are occasions that the severity of a situation can require the guidance or care of a very sophisticated, state-of-the-art facility miles away, we can handle a vast majority of complex or common challenges at our locations. Our facilities are equipped with on-site pharmacies which include most common medications as well as special food with medically-approved ingredients. Our digital radiology equipment, sophisticated blood testing equipment, and cutting-edge tools and software allow us to operate efficiently when the need calls for it.

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